A visual statement

We help you to make a visual statement

What will you do in 5 years?
How does it look like?
How does it sound?
How does it move?
What would you like to become?
What are the potentials of your work?

A vision is a tool to understand what you really want and an inspiration for you and the people you work with or want to attract. A vision can be your guidance in order to make decisions.

We make it our mission to animate your vision

L’idée vient en parlant - The ideas will arise while talking. You don’t have to create your vision alone. Our mission is to develop your visual statement. Through interviews together with sources of your inspiration, your favorite movements, forms, sounds and footage from recent work we will create a vision trailer tailor-made for you.
If it is required we can offer a workshop in communication and presentation with Felix Ritter, to improve your communication and presententation skills.

What is a vision trailer good for?
  • Be more than words. You can present your product, your shop, your crowd funding idea or your subsidy request in the form of a video. These days it is more and more important that you stand out of the crowd in your field of expertise.
  • Inspire the professional field and visitors on your website with a vision trailer. This can be the beginning of a campaign for your future development.
  • Find out what you really want and go for it.

Please contact us for more information: Susanna 06-41850519 / Helle 06-19174148